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Suffering from mink? If so, our mink control products will be ideal for your needs.

The mink is a medium-sized member of the weasel family. The first American mink were brought to British fur farms in 1929 and all wild mink in Britain today are descendants of escapees or illegal releases. The natural wild colouring is a glossy dark brown, appearing almost black in some light. Mink spend up to 80% of their time in their dens, sleeping, grooming and eating food they have carried home. Frequently found near water, they are often mistaken for otters, although mink are in fact considerably smaller. Mink are a major factor in the decimation of the water vole population, because they are small enough to follow their prey down its burrow. They are highly effective predators and, given the opportunity, will kill far more than they can carry away and eat. They are major predators of much of our native wildlife and should be controlled at every opportunity.

Please let us know if you require any help choosing the right mink control products for your situation, and we'll be happy to help.

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 Price: £34.74

Mink Cage Trap

This is a high quality British made product that will keep on working effectively for a lifetime. Suitable for catching mink in all situations (single catch trap). Dimensions 600mm x 175mm x... more