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Pest Pistol Insect Duster®


  • Low Cost Powder Duster
  • Bellows Design
  • Easy Fill and Use

The Pest Pistol® Insect Duster is a first choice, low cost bellows duster that is both powerful and easy to use. It will disperse insecticidal dust into cracks and crevices or into a void. Also ideal for administering insecticide to wasps nests.Optional extension tube

Facts & Tips

To spray over a larger surface area hold the duster with the nozzle at the bottom and squeeze with both hands simultaneously on each side of the bellows. Removing the nozzle will give yet wider coverage. Alternatively, rotate the duster and squeeze to administer just the right amount of dust to cracks and crevices.

A duster holds 225g of dust per application and has a wide mouth making it easy to fill. The body, bellows, tube and nozzle are made of long-life plastic meaning the duster will not rust. An interior filter helps prevent clogging, but should any arise, a simple tap on a hard surface should resolve the issue.

A 12-inch extension tube is available separately for extra reaching power or to disperse dust into recessed openings.

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