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What Do Woodlice Eat?

Woodlice are fascinating insects and when it comes to finding out what they eat, their name speaks for itself.

These insects are sometimes referred to as the ‘recyclers’ of the insect world due to their desire to feed on anything rotten.

However, this behaviour can cause issues to households if they being to enter your home…  

Do woodlice eat wood?

Yes, the main diet of Woodlice is to feed on rotting wood and mildew. This is why woodlice are usually found around logs, wood piles, rocks and other damp areas of the garden.

Do woodlice eat plants?

When outside, Woodlice usually prefer to feed on decomposing plants rather healthy ones. However, there are instances where they can damage softer plants e.g. seedlings and fruit plants.

Do woodlice eat strawberries?

There is often confusion as to whether woodlice eat strawberries as this is not something they typically feed on.

Usually, slugs are responsible for the damage, but woodlice can be found around strawberry plants if they have been planted in wooden sleepers.

To prevent the chances of woodlice damaging strawberry plants, some gardeners prefer to use hanging baskets. We recommend keeping the area tidy, cutting away any dead leaves and remove anything nearby they could hide in.

What do woodlice eat in the house?

You don’t normally find woodlice in your home as they prefer to feed on resources outside. However, if they do enter your household they will look for damp wood, mould and anything else rotting away in and around your home. 

Do woodlice eat carpet?

Woodlice can be a nuisance indoors but it is very unlikely they will be eating your carpet. They are just attracted to damp conditions around your home.

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