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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs.

how to get rid of bed bugs
23 Aug

How to get rid of bed bugs. 
how to get rid of bed bugs

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eliminate even for the seasoned professional, but with the right preparation and thoroughness we have everything you need to successfully get rid of bed bugs.


Know your enemy

The key to success is preparation, arming yourself with a range of products, such as insecticidal sprays, powders and smoke generators, and thoroughness. 

Bed bugs hide in cracks and crevices during the day and come out to feed at night, usually just before dawn. Their hiding places will be close to where their hosts sleep, in the bed frame or mattress, in furniture, behind the skirtings, inside light switches and fittings, behind torn wallpaper and pictures, within folds of curtains and other fabrics or anywhere they can find dark and secure harbourage.

They can travel between rooms through cavity walls and ducting so your infestation may have originated next door, and vice-versa. They can withstand many months, even a year, without feeding thereby increasing their chances of survival during long transits.

Bed bugs cannot fly, they must either crawl or be transported in clothes, luggage, books or other objects between their habitats.
The wide diversity of potential harbourages should be kept in mind when dealing with an infestation.

Before you go on the attack

Methodically prepare the room by stripping the bed and bagging the linen for laundering. Thoroughly vacuum the mattress, floor and any soft furnishings, dismantle the bed, bedside cabinet and any other items of furniture where bed bugs might be hiding.

Use a range of our bed bug products to treat the room, smoke generators as a first resort to kill any exposed bugs, synthetic spray for the carpets, mattress and any other soft furnishings and synthetic powders for treating inside divan beds, wardrobes or around electrical items and sockets.

Weapons available

As already mentioned, there are many products available for dealing with bed bugs and a multi-pronged attack is definitely required. Alongside powder, sprays and smoke bombs, there are also ready to use kits available containing the range of products recommended.



The first recommended line of attack is to set off an insecticidal smoke generator in the room to kill any adult bedbugs that may have escaped the vacuum cleaner.

The use of chemicals should be avoided when dealing with mattresses. Instead use a portable steam unit to thoroughly clean the mattress and kill all bed bugs and dust mites. The seams and buttons on mattresses are prime hiding places for bugs and must be thoroughly steam cleaned.
Fabrics such as curtains and bed clothes as well as any clothing stored within the infested room should be removed in sealed plastic bags and hot washed and dried.

Insecticidal resistance is becoming a growing problem with regard to bed bugs so using a non-chemical dust such as Oa2ki powder (Diatomaceous Earth) to puff lightly into cracks and crevices, within the framework of beds, wardrobes, chests of drawers, floorboards behind sockets and switches and any other accessible potential hiding places is recommended. If an insecticidal approach is preferred, try substituting Oa2ki powder with Residex P.
Where a spray might be preferable, Oa2ki spray should be used, or Cyperbug or Protector C, if an insecticidal approach is required.

Take great care to treat all potential harbourages and then seal the access where you can with a sealant compound or decorators caulk. Sealing the crevices will stress the bugs and cause them to move about more, increasing the likelihood of them contacting the dust or spray that you applied into the crevices.
Be vigilant and re-treat if necessary. Bed bugs often return, usually because the original infestation hasn’t been eliminated.

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