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With Living Trees come Living Insects

08 Dec

Be careful what you wish for…………………This weekend may well be the time when you will be decorating your home for Christmas and that may mean buying a real Christmas tree.There is nothing like a real tree, the smell, the beauty, the natural look and the joy of bringing the outside inside. But beware !!! It probably hasn’t crossed your mind, but with living trees come living insects. And you really don’t want these to be sharing your Christmas festivities.shutterstock_22177747


There is no need to panic. Christmas trees grow in coniferous woodland and nothing that lives on a tree is going to pose a danger, but it might freak you out, if you enter the living room to find the carpet covered in  creepy crawlies.

The kind of insects we’re talking about here are aphids, mites (which can be an unpleasant experience for your dog if he gets close enough), spiders, or adelgids (aphid-like insects that suck the sap on pine and spruce trees and hide their eggs under a woolly mass that ironically looks a bit like snow). Most of these are tiny and you wouldn’t necessarily notice a few, but if there are enough of them…


shutterstock_351613310So, to avoid an infestation of unwanted insect pests this Christmas, just take a few precautions. Inspect your tree thoroughly before buying. Check the underside of leaves for overwintering eggs as the warmth of your home will most certainly stimulate them into hatching. Check the trunk too for insects, or any holes that may be harbouring them.

Once you get your tree home, give it a vigorous shake to dislodge any spiders or bark beetles. If any passengers make it into your living room, DO NOT be tempted to spray your tree with pesticide. It is highly flammable.

Any insects should by now be much reduced in number and the lack of humidity will dry them out in a few days, leaving you to vacuum them up with the pine needles.


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