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How to Get Rid of Moles

best Mole traps
19 Jan

Know your enemy

This is how to get rid of moles using a scissor type trap. Moles are the blight of many a proud gardener and there are many sworn methods of how to get rid of them, however most don’t work.  The most reliable method is trapping.

The mole found in the United Kingdom is Talpa Europea, the European Mole.  Moles vary in colour from a silvery grey to black.  Their short tail, chin, face and the back of the ears are covered in sensory hairs.  When the mole is working, the tail is held semi-erect in order to brush the tunnel walls and pick up vibrations.  The sensory organs around the head allow the mole to detect worms and insects.

Moles live in complex tunnel systems which they will defend aggressively from other moles.  This is good news as it means you invariably have only one, possibly two moles invading your lawn. Territories do overlap and a vacant territory will be inhabited by a vagrant mole so curing your mole problem one year does not make you immune to further invasions.  

Females will have one litter a year, of usually 3-4 babies.  The young are mature at five weeks and will live from 2-5 years. 

Weapons available

There are several different types of traps available the most common are the Scissor Trap and Barrel Trap. Both are quite inexpensive and with a little trial and error will proove effective.


Scissor Trap

Duffus-Mole Trap

Barrel Trap






Before you go on the attack

Before you can use the trap you need to know how to safely set it. The Scissor mole trap is a highly effective and used by professionals.  It is easy to set, can be entered from from either side of the tunnel and gives a humane fast kill.

  • These are the instructions for setting a scissor mole trap.
  • Slide the trigger plate into the centre of the trap in line with the setting arm or pin.
  • Taking care squeeze the trap together so the claws are in the open position.  Pull the setting pin over and insert into the small hole in the trigger plate.
  • Release the tension on the trap and the setting pin will now take the load of the spring.
  • The trap is now set.

trap before setting

Move trigger plate in line with pin.

mole scissor trap set

Pull the setting pin over and into the hole







  • These instructions are how to use and set a scissor type Mole Trap.
  • Look for any signs of mole activity, usually pretty obvious in the form of a mound of fresh soil.
  • Using a stick to carefully prod the ground around the mole hill until you find the run or tunnel, use your hand to feel which direction the tunnel runs.
  • Cut out an area the size of your trap and expose the tunnel.
  • Place the set trap in line with the tunnel and with the trigger plate just above the bottom of the tunnel.  Be careful handling the set the trap as it is very powerful.
  • Sprinkle soil back into the tunnel and around the trap, covering the trigger plate.  Place the earlier removed grass sod over to block out the light. Mark the position of the trap for ease of locating.
  • The mole when happening upon the trap will believe the tunnel has collapsed and will try and clear the soil.  This action will trigger the plate activating the trap.
  • Check the trap daily.

mole caught in scissor trap

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