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Which Rat Poison is Best for Me

Rat killer
13 Sep


At DIY Pest Control, we offer efficient and cost-effective solutions to your rat infestation.  With a range of options available to you, you should be able to easily find the perfect poison in the perfect size. We have compiled a short guide to help you weigh up these options and eradicate your unwelcome guests as quickly as possible


Block baits are highly recommended because they are really easy to use, clean and easy to secure. Our rat poison block bait contains either 0.005% difenacoum or bromadiolone. Block bait is designed to be used within bait stations, making it easy to place and specifically target your individual rat problem. The baits are uniquely shaped, so that rats receive a lethal dose as quickly as possible, they are highly scented with a fragrance that is irresistible to rats and they have a central hole, so that the blocks can be secured to the metal rods that come with every bait station.  Baiting using block bait and bait stations is the most responsible way to bait, because it ensures that the poison is kept away from any non-target species and is better for the environment.  Also, the bait is securable, so it cannot be dragged away.  Block bait is available to buy in various sizes to suit whatever requirement you have.

Lodi Ruby Block Bait Rat Killer

Lodi Ruby Block Bait

Lodi-Jade-Block Bait-Rat-KIller

Lodi Jade Block Bait


Raco Pro-Block Rat Poison


shutterstock_374082469 copy












  • Indoor and Outdoor Use.
  • Rat and Mouse Infestations.
  • Bait Stations.
  • Sewers.


  • Rats are shy of new things, so for maximum control, avoid tidying before baiting and once placed, avoid moving the bait boxes.
  • Use natural and familiar materials to protect the boxes, to encourage the rats inside.
  • Replace water damaged or contaminated bait every 2-3 days.


Our loose bait comes in handy ready to use sachets so it is really easy to place. Containing 0.005% difenacoum or bromadiolone, sachets can be thrown into inaccessible places, where rats will readily chew through the packaging to get to the bait. Loose bait is available in two sizes, 100g or 25g packs, the latter being the perfect size for an individual bait point. If preferred, sachets can be opened and loose bait used in bait trays or bait boxes, but as this leads to a high scatter risk, it is imperative that there are no non-target species in the area.


Lodi Ruby Grain Bait


Lodi Jade Grain Bait

shutterstock_374082469 copy

Rodex-Whole Wheat-Bait-Sachets

Rodex Whole Wheat Bait












  • Inaccessible Areas
  • Rat and Mouse Infestations
  • Bait Trays
  • Bait Boxes


  • Ensure that bait points are safe and there are no animals or children around who might consume the bait
  • Unless using the sachets in an inaccessible place, do not over-bait, as it is irresponsible and wasteful


Our pasta bait sachets contain 0.005% difenacoum. The paste consists of cereals and peanut butter oils , and rats seem to really like it.  It’s a nice clean option as it cannot be scattered like loose bait, and it’s less wasteful.  The sachets are easily pierced to skewer onto rods inside bait boxes.  The sachets are small, like a t-bag and they do a good job of maintaining the quality of the bait inside. Bait should still be checked every few days, and any damaged or contaminated sachets replaced with fresh.


Raco Pro-Paste Rat Poison











  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Rat and mouse infestations
  • Bait boxes


  • Place the pasta bait, secure in a bait box, where rats are active, where there are droppings or inside burrows
  • Make sure the bait is always safe from non-target species, by using a box, or covering with drainage pipes, slates or boards


We have a variety of different formulations of rat poison to deal with any infestation.  Products come in different sizes so you can pick the amount you need depending on the size of your problem.  If you find it easier, we also offer rat poison kits. These contain everything you need to deal with small, medium or large infestations.

We hope that you have found this guide to rat poison helpful and informative. Should you need further assistance, please get in touch.


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