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Which is the Best Mouse Trap?

Dead mouse in trap
23 Oct

Which is the best mouse trap?  That is a question that is often asked.

Deciding on which is the pest mouse trap comes down to personal choice and how you want to deal with your mouse problem.

There are break back traps which is the mouse trap that we all tend to think of first.  This comprises of a metal bar which is spring loaded and once set is activated by the mouse disturbing the bait cup.  Things have moved on from the old wood and metal type trap and most modern traps are manufactured from a durable plastic and therefore last much longer than their counterparts.  

Mini Rex Mouse Trap

Mini Rex Mouse Trap


Snap E Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap

Hidden Kill Mouse Trap


There are also break back traps that are designed and priced so that you never see the trapped mouse, once activated you simply dispose of the trap complete with dead mouse into the waste bin.








Electric Mouse Killer

Pest-Stop Electronic Mouse Killer

The electronic mouse killer trap as the name suggests kill mice through an electric shock. It is a quick and humane kill and the disposal of the mouse is very easy.  

The trap uses 4 AA type batteries and will kill up to 50 mice before renewal is required.






For those that prefer to not kill their unwanted guest there live capture traps.  There is an argument that these are unkind, as to release the mouse in an area that is alien to them also causes suffering.

Humane Mouse Trap

Trip Trap Live Capture Mouse Trap

Live Capture mouse trap

Clockwork Mouse Trap











There are many different ideas on what to bait a mouse trap with? You can purchase a mouse attractant or can use bait from within your kitchen cupboard, peanut butter for example.

Provoke mouse bait

Provoke Mouse Attractant


SX Mouse Bait

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