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rats, mice, rodent

Eradicate the Rodent

You’re lying there in the dead of night having counted heaven knows how many sheep, still unable to drop off, when you...

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Incy Wincy Spider

Yesterday I saw something that freaked me out a bit.  On returning from a dog walk I saw what looked like a couple of b...

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Ants – Which one is Which?

Black ants are commonly found throughout the UK, and although they nest outdoors, they are often found inside. Ants rang...

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birds, magpie

Wild Birds Protected or Not?

A great number of the questions that we get asked refer to nuisance birds such as Magpies and Gulls. Are they a protect...

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Insects, ants

Baby it’s Cold Outside. Where Do All The Insects Go?

So we’ve finally seen a bit of frost and temperatures have plummeted to below zero overnight and are hovering just abo...

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