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  • Everything you need in one easy to use kit
  • Full instructions included
  • Ideal for amateur use

The Clothes Moth Control Kit is a product in the Blitz Kit range, a handy kit containing everything you need to effectively treat clothes moths in your home.


1 x 300ml Protector C contains 0.09% cypermethrin

1 x 50g Residex P Dusting Powder contains 0.49% permethrin

1 x 11g Fortefog Midi Fumer contains 13.25% permethrin

The Blitz Kits for clothes moths are ideal for amateur use.

Facts & Tips

Protector C can be applied as a space treatment, as a fine mist at an application rate of 1-4 ml of product per cubic metre, or as a surface treatment at a rate of 20ml per square metre

Residex P Dusting Powder should be applied as required. It is residual insecticide and treatment should not need to be repeated within two weeks

Midi Fortefog P Fumer should be applied at a rate of one generator per 100 cubic metres

Safety Data

Protector C Safety Data Sheet

Residex P Safety Data Sheet

Forte Fog P Midi Fumer Safety Data Sheet



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