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Black ants are our most common ant and don't normally cause us any trouble, but when they come into our homes they can be quite a nuisance. Black ants don't sting but red ants do. They don't have much venom so will probably leave nothing more than a red mark, but a mound of red ants in your lawn or on your patio can be unpleasant.

We offer insecticide powder and sprays for black ant and red ant control, as well as kits and baits. Ant traps and ant baits are favourites, as ants will take bait to the nest and feed to the queen and the larvae.

We sell cost effective and reliable Ant Control solutions by leading manufacturers. These products can come in various forms.
  • Ant powder and spray
  • Ant gel bait
  • Ant traps
  • Ant control kits
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