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  • Handy Plunger Design
  • Perfect for Treating Garden Ants
  • Can be used in conjunction with Ant Bait Stations

SX Ant Gel Bait comes in a 30g tube and is for the control of garden ants, although it will treat all types of ants. The bait can be used in conjunction with our approved bait stations. Handy plunger design.

Facts & Tips

SX Ant Gel can be used inside an insect bait station or in the Garden Ant Trap Kit. Alternatively, use outside of a bait station as a band or thin ribbon where ants are active, or place a few drops on a flat piece of metal, plastic or glass near the ant run. Take care to keep exposed bait away from animals and children. If either are present, bait stations only should be used.

Safety Data

The active ingredient is 0.1% (w/w) cypermethrin

SX Ant Gel Safety Data Sheet


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