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  • Traps all food and fabric damaging beetles
  • Pesticide Free Trap
  • Comes with spare Cartridge Refill

Crawling Insect X Lure Trap is designed to attract beetles and weevils and is suitable for all stored food product and fabric damaging beetles. It is designed to attract biscuit, tobacco, flour, merchant, saw-toothed grain, and khapra beetles plus lesser grain borers and rice grain and maize weevils. Kills all species of stored food beetles.

Safe and pesticide freeThe X-Lure trap is particularly attractive to beetles which are attracted to crack-like harborages, just like the 360 degree entrance offered by the X-lure.

Supplied with spare cartridge refill.

Facts & Tips

To use, peel the foil cover from the lure cartridge and push into the trap.

Position the trap and check regularly. Replace the lure cartridge every 8 weeks.

Attracts and traps stored product beetles wherever they are suspected - in domestic properties, retail stores that handle dried food or food factories where raw materials are stored.

In addition, the food attractant inserts have four different release systems that ensure they are released for a full 6-8 weeks. They contain the Carob Jam lure and Wheat Germ Oil.

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