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  • Non-toxic Fly Catcher
  • Traps all Flying Insects
  • Made from Natural Products

The Aeroxon Sticky Fly Catcher is a proven and environmentally friendly way of controlling flies. Useful where minimal or no insecticide is desired or allowed
This is a non-toxic sticky flycatcher made from natural products, coated with a special fly attractant. It is absolutely safe, non toxic and odourless
Each pack consists of four units and four pins. Effective trapping for all flying insects, not just flies.

Facts & Tips

The Fly Catcher attracts flies by its spiral form and traps them on its sticky surface.Warm the tube in your hands to room temperature. Remove the top, retain the pin and pull out the Aeroxon Fly Catcher with the ribbon in a twirling motion.Hang up the fly catcher using the pin provided. One fly catcher is sufficient for a room of 8-10 m² and is effective for approximately 8 weeks.Hang away from sunshine and draughts and out of the reach of children and pets (the product is extremely sticky). Glue stains can be removed with vegetable oil.

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