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  • Effective Wasp Killer
  • Foam Formulation
  • Enough to Treat 4-7 Nests

SX Wasp Nest Destroyer Foam is an insecticidal foaming spray for killing wasps in the nest. Always use protective equipment when dealing with wasp nests, like our Bee and Wasp Veil.

Contains enough foam for around 4-7 treatments

Facts & Tips

The nest should be treated late evening or early morning when wasp activity is at a minimum

Stand at least 2 metres from the nest and spray the entire nest for about 8 seconds. Pay special attention to the entrance.

If the nest is not visible, spray where wasps are seen to be active, such as through holes or gaps in walls. If wasp activity is seen after treatment, repeat the application.

For any wasp treatment, protective clothing is recommended.

Avoid contact with paint work or test an area first. May damage plants and shrubs and if treating outside, consider wind direction.

Do not treat a wasp nest from a ladder.

Safety Data

Active Ingredients: 0.27% Permethrin 0.27% 0.11% Tetramethrin

Very toxic to aquatic organisms. Remove or cover all fish tanks. Do not contaminate ground, water bodies or water courses.

Wasp Nest Destroyer Foam Safety Data Sheet

HSE No 9244


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