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  • Heavy Duty Squirrel Trap
  • Includes Metal Bird Feeder
  • Small Birds can easily Exit

The Elgeeco Squirrel Trap is designed to catch grey squirrels. It is well known that squirrels are attracted to bird feeders and this device exploits the squirrels' natural ability to descend and feed whilst upside down. The trap dimensions are W225mm x H355mm X D225mm

Facts & Tips

The first step to catching your Grey Squirrel is to do a little detective work. Find the path that the squirrel is using to your loft or where ever it shouldn't be. To find this path, you must first watch your grey squirrel's routine. Normally, a grey squirrel will leave the nest at daybreak or shortly after in search of food. If you can get up this early and stay awake it's the best time to watch and wait. Find a place where you can view your house and the squirrel's entrance hole. Be very still, and watch how the squirrel gets to or from it's home to yours. E.g. climbing, jumping or both. Once you discover this path, you should place the Elgeeco squirrel trap accordingly.

Unlike other traps, the Elgeeco is set up off the ground on a tree trunk, the side of a fence or building. It is the law that a trap must be inspected at least once a day and always before nightfall.
It is the law that once a squirrel is trapped it must be removed as quickly as possible and despatched to prevent stress.
It is illegal to release or allow a grey squirrel to escape once captured.
It is an offence to keep or transport live grey squirrels without a licence.
Grey squirrels become very agitated when approached by humans so cover the cage immediately to reduce distress.
If there is a possibility of red squirrels being caught, always use a refuge box containing nesting materials on the cage floor.

To set the trap:
Half fill the feeder with fresh bait such as peanuts and renew regularly. Any birds using the feeder will attract squirrels.
Suspend the feeder inside the cage so it hangs centrally within the space provided by the treadle.
The top entrance door is held open by sliding the upper end of the trigger rod through the ring on the door.
Attach the trap to the trunk of a tree or the side of a fence. The trap can also be used horizontally on the ground or on a fence about 15cm down from the top of the fence.
Fix securely so it doesn't swing or rotate. Do not suspend from a tree branch. The back of the trap and feeder must be up against the support otherwise the feeder may be accessible to squirrels from outside the trap.
Do not place the trap where it might be tampered with.

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