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Loved and hated in equal measure, the alien grey squirrel is now firmly established throughout most of Britain.
Loved because it is cute and cuddly looking. Hated because it has been largely instrumental in driving our own native red squirrel to the edge of extinction.
Predates bird nests, eating eggs and young, causes considerable damage to native woodland through stripping bark, gains access to loft spaces in homes and subsequently damages electrical cables and water pipes causing house fires and flooding.
Competes for food with our native and endangered dormouse, need we go on?

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Kania 2000 Squirrel Trap

Kania 2000 Squirrel Trap


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Tunnel for Kania 2000 Squirrel Trap

Kania 2000 Tunnel


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Live catch squirrel trap

Elgeeco Squirrel Trap


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