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  • Smallest Mouse Box
  • Tamper resistant box
  • Use in tight baiting situations
  • Keeps poison bait away from children or pets

PROTECTA Micro Mouse Bait Station is the smallest and most economical tamper-resistant bait station offered by Bell. Specifically designed for use in tight baiting situations, PROTECTA Micro fits where other tamper-resistant bait stations don't.

PROTECTA Micro is ideal for keeping poison away from children, pets and other non-target animals. With many of the same high quality features as Bell's other tamper-resistant bait stations, Micro is made of rigid, heavy-duty polymer plastic to withstand temperature extremes.

It is easy to use, automatically locking when closed and unlocking with Bell's 2-prong key. Technicians can place the Micro along walls, in corners and in very tight places. Holes on either end provide a direct runway for mice into the station.

The price is for five bait boxes & key

Facts & Tips

Simply place the baited boxes in areas where there is mouse activity, flush to the wall. Move the boxes from time to time as mice are inquisitive and like to investigate new things. Dispose of boxes safely when mouse problem has been eradicated

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