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  • Kills Rats and Mice
  • Handy 750g Plastic Container
  • Professional Product

Lodi Jade Grain Rat and Mouse Killer is a ready to use rat and mouse grain bait for AMATEUR USE in easy to use 25g sachets. Each sachet contains enough pre-measured bait for one baiting point.
The sachets should be placed unopened.

For use in and around buildings.

UK Authorisation Number UK-2013-0710

Contains 0.005% bromadiolone.

Facts & Tips

Methods of deployment are either bait stations (tamper proof bait boxes), bait points (an arrangement that uses materials and the local environment to restrict access to the bait) or loose but inaccessible (an arrangement that uses the local environment to restrict access to the bait)
When baiting, the priority is always to exclude non-target exposure as much as possible.

For rat infestations:
Rats have an intimate knowledge of their surroundings and as a result suffer varying degrees of neophobia (they are shy of anything new). This has a detrimental effect on control. It is vital not to disturb the natural environment until control has been achieved, so avoid 'tidying up' the area before baiting. To encourage them into the bait boxes, use natural and familiar materials to protect the boxes or better still bait the burrows, whilst ensuring that potential increased risks are managed.

Use bait points of 60-100g, 10m apart, reducing to 5m in heavy infestations.
If there is no sign of activity after 7-10 days, move bait points to areas of possible higher activity.
In sewers use bait points of 200 to 300g every 30 to 50m.

For mice infestations:
Mice exhibit a rapid investigatory response to new objects, but their interest wanes rapidly and they move on to something new. To be successful in controlling mice you need to be proactive. Move and refresh bait points every 2-3 days.

Use bait points of 20-30g, 5m apart, reducing to 2m in heavy infestation.
Mice are inquisitive so move the bait points every 2-3 days.

Safety Data

Contains 0.005% bromadiolone.

Jade Grain Bait Safety Data Sheet


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