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  • Handy Sized Sachets
  • Kills Rats and Mice
  • Highly Palatable Bait

Roban Cut Wheat Rodent Poison Sachets are sealed bags of cut wheat, containing 0.005% w/w difenacoum, specifically designed for the control of mice, although it is also effective for controlling rats. Cut wheat is particularly effective for mice as they have a tendency to 'kibble' whole grain baits - stripping off the treated outer surface and only eating the inside, hence avoiding the poison.
The packs are ideal for throwing into inaccessible places where they will stay dry until a rodent comes along, chews into the bag and eats the bait.
Each pack contains 100g of treated cut wheat, enough to kill several adult rats or dozens of mice. They should only be used in inaccessible places such as lofts, cavities, below floorboards etc in order to prevent access by non-target species.
We recommend difenacoum as the first choice poison for all rodent control because, although it is very effective against rodents, it is less aggressive towards other non-target mammals than many alternative rodenticides.

Place Packs are sold in packs of 10.

For use indoors and outdoors (around buildings only)

UK Authorisation Number UK-2011-0115

Facts & Tips

Bait should be securely deposited in a way so as to minimise risk of consumption by other animals and children.

Where possible, secure bait sachets so that they cannot be dragged away and keep dry.

Safety Data

Roban Cut Wheat Safety Data Sheet


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