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  • Unique Scent to Attract Rats
  • Use in Rat Traps
  • Easy to Dispense Container

PROVOKE Professional Rat Attractant is a food-based attractant that has been specifically designed to meet the unique behavioral characteristics of rats. Since rats are driven more by scent than taste, PROVOKE for rats contains a unique blend of scents that Norway and roof rats find enticing. PROVOKE can be dispensed easily onto any rat trap via its convenient 8 oz./224g squeeze bottle. Apply it to the removable bait cup on TRAPPER T-REX Rat Snap Trap for outstanding results. Like its mouse counterpart, PROVOKE Professional Rat Attractant is hypoallergenic; it can be used in sensitive areas where attractants, such as peanut butter, are prohibited. It is also water soluble so it won't stain clothing or carpet..

Facts & Tips

Apply a small amount of product to the treadle of the trap, or to the plastic of live catch traps.

Can be used with any type of mechanical trap - plastic or wood. Does not contain any poison

Safety Data

Hypoallergenic, non-toxic, non-staining

Provoke Rat Attractant Safety Data Sheets


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