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The Snap E mouse trap is escape proof and the innovative design ensures you'll never touch another mouse. The mechanism is smart, the materials are rugged. Snap-E mouse traps are easy to use and made to last. Use them year after year. They're safe, simple and sanitary. Steel and durable polystyrene materials make them tough. Smart engineering - including a larger trip paddle and strike bar - makes them work every time.

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Vertical Strike Bar

  • Travels just half the distance of old-fashioned wooden traps for a faster response time and a quick, clean catch.
  • Easy to set. Easy to release after use. Your fingers never touch the rodent.

    The Snap-E Fits in Most Bait Boxes

    • Rodent and trap are kept out of sight.
    • Excellent for use in sensitive areas, such as schools and food plants.

    Pre-formed Bait Cup

    • Easy to bait. Confines bait to the trap in all environments.
    • Reduces bait stealing. Attracts rodent to ideal strike bar location.

    Large Trip Paddle

    • Reduces premature tripping. Ensures catch from front, sides and back.
    • Provides a sure catch.

    Polystyrene and Steel Construction

    • Durable. Easy to clean. Resists stains and odors.
    • Economical and reusable for years of service.

    Facts & Tips

    Bait with Provoke Rat Attractant or with a dab of peanut butter and place where rats travel.
    Can be used free-standing or inside any of our Mouse Bait Stations.

    How to set snap e mouse trap

    1 Simply place bait in pre-formed bait cup.

    2 Pull back slowly on upright bar until locked firmly in catch. Place trap next to wall near pest activity.

    3 Pull back slightly on upright bar until rodent is released.

    Safety Data

    The traps are set from behind to protect the operators fingers.


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