Pigeon Deterrents

Pigeons in large numbers make a terrible mess of buildings where they roost and the pavements below. They can also cause damage by dislodging roof tiles and blocking guttering. They attract insect infestations to their nests, can attack during the nesting season and spread disease. If you are suffering a pigeon problem, there are a number of easy, cost-effective methods you can employ to keep them away or move them on.

It is illegal to kill pigeons or destroy their nests unless you can demonstrate that they are a serious risk to public health and safety. Culling should be undertaken as a last resort and only where the legal conditions for it are met. Where the birds are simply being a nuisance, deterrents and scaring devices, such as bird spikes, deterrent gels or the bouncing ‘daddi long legs’ are the go-to option.

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