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How to get rid of Woodlice

A bit about Woodlice

Woodlice are quite harmless. They may occasionally nibble young seedlings, but they are generally more interested in dead leaves and decaying material and their presence in the garden is probably more beneficial than harmful.

They are at home outside, where they favour the damp, cool conditions of vegetation, the bark of rotting trees and the underside of rocks and slabs.
People dislike them in their gardens if they appear in large numbers but the trouble really begins when they wander inside.

Want to find out more about woodlice? Read woodlice facts here.

Where to begin

If your garden is sheltered and quite damp, maybe mossy with a lot of overgrown vegetation, particularly if it is close to the house, you are providing a wonderland for woodlice. Start by stripping back the garden, remove dense shrubs and plants from the perimeter of the house, remove any bark from flower borders and planters, clear the area of decaying wood or move log piles away from the house. Simply opening up the outside space and drying the area out may be all it takes to rid yourself of your woodlice problem.

Stop woodlice coming inside by filling any obvious points of entry with decorators caulk or a similar product, and spray the outside area with a long lasting residual spray such as Dethlac or Digrain C40 WP woodlice killer. You can also spray the insects themselves for an instant knockdown. Powder alternatives are Organ X woodlice powder, which can be used indoors and out, but in rainy periods not so effective. If you have a particularly large infestation indoors, a woodlice smoke bomb is an effective way to treat an area in one swoop. The insecticidal smoke is very good at getting to places you might not think to treat yourself.

Products available to get rid of woodlice

You can find details on “how to use ” all the products listed on their individual product pages. These are a selection of products to control woodlice you can find more under woodlice control.

Product 1: Woodlice Control Kit

The woodlice control kit is an all-in-one solution to any woodlice problem and will help you get rid of woodlice effectively in your home. The kit contains four complimentary products, an Insecticidal Spray, Organic Powder, Bellows Duster and Woodlice Smoke Bomb.

Product 2: Dethlac Woodlice Killer Spray

Dethlac Insecticidal Lacquer is one of the best woodlice killers on the market and has existed as a trusted household pest essential for over 50 years. Dethlac can be used both indoors and outdoors which makes it the ideal solution to get rid of woodlice. It has residual properties so remains effective for many weeks.

Product 3: Organ-X Woodlice Killer Powder

Organ X Killing Powder or diatomaceous earth is a naturally mined mineral product. It is non-toxic and kills all crawling insects.

Product 4: Rentokil Insectrol

Another long-lasting and very effective spray treatment for woodlice which contains Permethrin. Again has residual properties so keeps on working.

Product 5: Insecto Woodlice Smokebombs

Insecto woodlice smokebombs are a very east and effective product to use against woodlice. They can only be used indoors and you must seal of the area you are treating.

Product 6: Digrain C40 WP Woodlice Killer

Digrain C40 WP woodlice killer is a wettable powder that you dilute with water and apply from a pressure spray gun. It is very effective and is a product that can be used indoors or out and can be sprayed around the perimeter of your house where woodlice are active.

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