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Wasp Sprays

Our wasp insecticide sprays are perfect for dealing with wasps and wasp nests in your home. They can be applied directly onto wasps where visible and onto wasp nests where it’s safe to do so. Each spray contains active ingredients that deliver a rapid knockdown effect, killing wasps instantly. Other sprays provide a long-lasting protection kill wasps that land on the treated surface.

Wasp Powders

We sell a wide choice of wasp killer powders designed to destroy wasp nests instantly. These powders are most effective when applied using a powder duster as it allows for more control and targeted application. With a powder duster and protective gear you can also apply the powder directly into the entrance of the nest for even better results.

Wasp Smoke Bombs & Fumers

If you have wasps or a nest in an enclosed area such as the attic or loft a wasp smoke bomb will be perfect to kill wasps in areas you can’t reach. Once the smoke bombs are diffused they will deliver a rapid knockdown effect. Each fumer is available in different sizes to suit your sized room and wasp infestation.