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  • Agrothrin Natural Insecticide powder for killing crawling insects
  • Protector Natural Insecticidal Aerosol
  • Residex P Carpet Moth Killer Powder
  • Sale! Oa2ki Organic Bedbug Killer Powder 400g
  • Sale! Oa2ki Pesticide Free Insect Spray 500ml
  • Insect Bait Station Kit
  • Sale! Insect Glue Pads

Showing all 7 results

Booklice Sprays

We sell a range of booklice killer sprays that can be directly applied onto visible booklice and high activity areas. These sprays contain highly effective active ingredients that result in a quick knockdown effect. We also sell natural sprays which use natural ingredients but deliver just as good outcomes.

Booklice Traps

Booklice killer traps such as bait stations and glue pads are pre-baited and can be placed in and around highly infested areas. We recommend inserting the glue pads into the bait stations as this delivers more effective results.

Booklice Powders

Booklice killer powders are perfect for sprinkling into cracks and crevices and reaching inaccessible areas such as under cupboards, under skirting boards etc. The powder will cut into the shell of the booklice and absorb the body moisture resulting in dehydration and death.

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