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  • Micro-mouse bait box for small spaces
  • Sale! Rat Bait Box for holding poison
  • Sale! SX One Rat Bait Box
  • Sale! Protecta Sidekick rat bait box with key
  • Sale! EZ Baiter Rat Bait Box
  • Sale! Proteca mouse bait box with key
  • Protecta Micro Mouse Bait Stations
  • Sale! Protecta RTU Mouse Bait Box

Showing all 8 results

Why should I use a bait box?

It is important that when using rodenticide you eliminate any risk of poisoning to non-target species, for example your household pet or even young child. Placing rodenticide in these rat bait boxes greatly reduces that risk. A rat or mouse trap coming down onto small fingers or an enquiring nose can be very painful or even worse, so when using traps in a busy area placing them in a bait station can eliminate any accidental injury.

Which bait box should I choose?

There is quite a selection of rat and mouse bait boxes available, but they all fill the same basic function. The important thing is to ensure you choose one that is lockable and will be supplied with a key. (there is no point buying a box that cannot be locked).

Do not place both poison and a trap in the box at the same time use multiple boxes if you wish to simultaneously employ both methods of control.

How do I use my bait station?

When you purchase a bait box you will receive a key, free of charge. To open the bait box you need to insert the key and twist it to release the latch. If you need a spare / replacement key,  please get in touch with us.

Baiting your bait station will depend on the one purchased, however, most operate in a similar way. Once you have unlocked the box you will notice vertical or horizontal rods. These are used to secure block type bait or pasta bait if you are using that formulation.

Blocks have a pre-formed hole through the centre, pasta bait is squishy enough to skewer onto the rods. Once the bait is secured close the lid and use the key to lock the box. Loose grain bait can also be placed in these boxes,  as can a spring trap, depending on the box you have chosen.

Where do I place the bait boxes?

Rodents can be very wary of new objects placed in their territory and will take a while to to show interest in their contents. Try and identify where the rats are active and even better find one of their runs and place the box on the run. These are often easier to identify outdoors.

You can also rub some garden refuse around the box to remove any unfamiliar odours and perhaps disguise with a piece of slate or wood, anything to make it blend in with the environment.