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Fruit Fly Sprays

Our range of insecticidal fruit fly sprays can be used directly onto any that are visible around the house or garden. They can also be sprayed around skirting boards, around cupboards and other commonly infested areas where it will dry and create a barrier to entry.

Fruit Fly Traps

Our fruit fly traps are perfect for hanging in areas where there is high activity. The traps are specially designed with a sweet lure to attract fruit flies and rapidly control their population. They are non-toxic and highly effective.

Electric Fruit Fly Killers

Our electric fly killers are perfect for controlling fruit flies in kitchens, lounges, conservatories and other areas. These can be set up and placed easily around the home to attract and trap fruit flies with their electric LEDs and glue board technology. They should remain active for 24 hours each day perfect for killing fruit flies at night.