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Cockroach Traps

Cockroach traps are a ready to use and deal with infestations around the home. They usually operate with stronghold glue for trapping cockroaches once they crawl on the trap. This type of cockroach control can be used in chemical sensitive areas such as kitchens.

Cockroach Sprays

We sell two types of cockroach insecticidal sprays, residual and non-residual. Residual sprays leave a thin film of toxic deposit on surfaces and will kill cockroaches for a limited period of time, usually about two weeks before a fresh application is required. Non-residual sprays will kill immediately on contact and can be applied onto the cockroaches and around high activity areas.

Cockroach Powders

Cockroach powders (Diatomaceous Earth)  are very effective and can be puffed lightly into cracks and crevices, within the framework of beds, wardrobes, chests of draws, floorboards and any other accessible potential hiding places. These powders are the perfect long term method to controlling cockroaches in commercial and domestic properties.