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Types of Rodent Poison

Grain Bait

Grain bait poison is available to buy in sachets and can be used loose or within it’s packaging. If using loose it’s best to place it within a bait tray to avoid it scattering. Alternatively, the sachets can be emptied into a rodent bait station. Placing bait within a bait box allows for much closer monitoring of whether the rodents are feeding on the poison.

Bait Blocks

Bait blocks are very versatile and can be used in indoor and outdoor environments. Bait blocks are often used within bait stations where they can be secured into place by attaching to the rods supplied. We sell bait blocks that have been specially manufactured to last even when exposed to harsh environments.

Pasta Bait

Pasta bait are sachets of dried pasta that can be used either loose or within bait stations. These sachets are easy to secure to bait stations as the steel rods can be pierced directly through each sachet. If rodents are hiding in hard to reach places these pasta sachets can be thrown into these areas easier than other types of poison.


There are different types of rodenticides used in the poison depending on the type of product and the manufacturer. Most of the rat poison we sell contain anti-coagulants which affect the the rodents blood clotting response so 2-3 days later the rat / mouse dies due to internal haemorrhaging.


Brodifacoum is a single feed, second generation anticoagulant formulated on a food base, usually cereal to produce a ready to use bait containing 0.005% w/w Brodifacoum. Brodifacoum has proven to be highly effective against the the brown rat but due to its highly toxicity it’s legally only certified for indoor use.


Difenacoum is a multi feed second generation anticoagulant formulated on a food base, typically cereal to produce a ready to use bait containing 0.005% w/w Difenacoum. The potency of Difenacoum means it’s particularly useful where domestic or farm mammals are present in the area that needs to be treated. However, we still highly recommend all the baits are secured within a bait station to protect against non-target animals.


Bromadiolone is a single feed, second generation anticoagulant formulated on a food base, usually cereal to produce a ready to use bait containing 0.005% w/w Bromadiolone. Bromadiolone is considered to be slightly more toxic to non-target farm yard species than Difenacoum. Bromadiolone is a potent to all mammals and its essential all baits are secured within bait stations for extra protection.


Ensuring the distribution of rat poison follows official regulations is an absolute priority and we strongly support the Think Wildlife CRRU campaign (campaign for responsible rodenticide use)

The law surrounding the buying and use of poison differs depending on if you are an amateur or approved professional. If you are not a certified professional you are only eligible to purchase up to 150g of grain and paste bait or 300g of block baits.

The regulations introduced have been brought in to reduce the strength of poison sold and to protect various mammal species from these highly toxic rodenticides. The strength of poison we sell is the strongest available to purchase and even with these regulations each product is more than strong enough to deal with a rodent infestation.

If you want to read more about the CRRU or become a certified professional we highly recommend you to read the information here.