Rodex Whole Wheat Rat Poison – 150g Sachets


Rodex Whole Wheat Rat Poison comes in 150g sachets of whole wheat containing 0.0025% w/w bromadiolone. They are ideal for throwing into inaccessible places where they will stay dry until a rodent comes along, chews into the bag and eats the bait. Each pack contains 150g of treated wheat, enough to kill several rats. Sold in packs of 5 sachets.

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  • Handy Sized Sachets
  • Kills Rats and Mice
  • Highly Palatable Bait
  • Contains bromadiolone

They should only be used in lockable rat bait boxes and inaccessible places such as lofts, cavities, below floorboards etc in order to prevent access by non-target species.This is especially true of Rodex because the bromadiolone in Rodex is more aggressive to non-target species than Roban. For use indoors and outdoors (around buildings only)

Sachets are sold in packs of 5

BUY MORE AND PAY LESS select quantity from the drop down list.

How To Use

  1. The Rodex whole wheat rat poison sachets can be used in an unopened sachet or you can use the loose contents in a rat bait box or a rat and mouse bait tray.
  2. You should only use the sachets unopened when it is safe to place or throw them into places that cannot be accessed by non-target species or children and pets.  For example under floorboards, in a roof space or cavity wall.
  3. Check bait boxes and trays regularly if there is no sign of bait being taken then place in a different location.
  4. Top up bait boxes and trays as required.
  5. Keep baiting until there is no further sign of rat activity or the bait being taken.

Safety Data

UK Authorisation Number UK-2016-0990-0001

Click here for Safety Data Sheet


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