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Bromadiolone is a multi-feed, synthetic, second-generation anti-coagulant rodenticide.

The active ingredient is formulated on a food base, typically cereal, to produce a ready to use bait containing 0.005% w/w bromadiolone.

When compared to other anticoagulant rodenticides, bromadiolone has a good level of activity against the brown rat, and moderate levels of activity against mice.

Bromadiolone is marginally more toxic to non-target ‘farmyard’ species than difenacoum.

Bromadiolone is a potent poison to all mammal species and it is essential that all baits should be well protected from non-target animals. The best way to achieve this is by placing the baits in an approved bait box.

As with all anticoagulants, accidental poisoning with bromadiolone can be antidoted with vitamin K1.

AnticoagulantLD50 mg ai/kg Mouse/RatBait Concentration (PPM)LD50 (g of bait) Mouse/Rat*LD50 (g of bait/kg) Dog
Difenacoum0.8 / 1.80500.4 / 9.01000
Bromadiolone1.75 / 1.13500.9 / 5.6200
Brodifacoum0.40 /0.27500.2 / 1.45.0
* Typical 25g mouse and 250g rat.

Which of our products contain Bromadiolone?

  • Rodex Whole Wheat Sachets

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