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Why choose DIY Pest Control?

At DIY Pest Control our aim is to provide you with professional, affordable and effective products to deal with a range of pests including crawling insects, flying insects, mammals and birds. We pride ourselves on offering excellent advice support and service to our customers nationwide with certified RCPH pest management staff ready to help via phone and live chat.

Best Selling Products.

  • Cimetrol Super RFU Bed Bug Killer
  • Maxforce Pushforce Ant Bait Station
  • Sale! Cover for air bricks that stops entry to mice, rats and spiders
  • Room Fogger that destroys coronaviruses
  • Out of stock Sale! Biopren Pharaoh ant killer
  • Imidasect Pharaoh Ant Gel Bait
  • Sale! Prevent Auto Cluster Fly Aerosol
  • Sale! Insecto Wasp Smoke Bomb in 3 different sizes

Active Ingredient Information


The insect control products we offer contain different types of insecticides. Different active ingredients are used depending on the pest.


The rodenticides we offer contain different active ingredients depending on the product. Find out more about each one here.

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