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  • Cimetrol Super RFU Bed Bug Killer
  • Protector C Super kills flying and crawling insects
  • Sale! Insecto Super Bug Insect Destroyer 500ml
  • All in one kit to control bed bugs
  • Sale! Rentokil Bed Bug Killer Spray Set of 3
  • Sale! Insecto Bed Bug Smoke Bomb in 3 different sizes
  • Sale! Protecta C Bed Bug Killer Spray
  • Insectaclear Strong Insect Spray
  • Trappit Bedbug Detector Plus
  • X Lure Bed Bug Monitor 2 indicators
  • Agrothrin Natural Insecticide powder for killing crawling insects
  • Residex P Carpet Moth Killer Powder
  • Digrain C40 WP Insecticide
  • Oa2ki Professional Insect Spray Concentrate
  • Sale! Organ-X Desk-Dust Insect killer powder
  • Insecto Insect Fogger
  • Sale! Oa2ki Organic Bedbug Killer Powder 400g
  • Sale! Oa2ki Pesticide Free Insect Spray 500ml
  • SX Detect-It Insect Traps
  • Insect Bait Station Kit
  • Sale! Organ X Cockroach Freeze Spray
  • Sale! Insect Glue Pads
  • Sale! Rentokil Insectrol Insect Killer

Showing all 23 results

Our Range of Bed Bug Killer Products

Bed Bug Killer Sprays

Bed bug sprays can be used in areas where it is not possible to apply a bed bug powder. Oa2ki spray is suitable for smooth surfaces where the dust will not stick, or would appear unsightly. Take great care to treat all potential harbourages and then seal the access where you can with a sealant compound or decorators caulk. Sealing the crevices will stress the bugs and cause them to move about more, increasing the likelihood of them contacting the spray.

Bed Bug Killer Powders

Bed bug powders (Diatomaceous Earth)  are very effective and can be puffed lightly into cracks and crevices, within the framework of beds, wardrobes, chests of draws, floorboards and any other accessible potential hiding places. These powders are the perfect long term method to controlling bed bugs in commercial and domestic properties.

Bed Bug Monitors

Bed bug monitors can be used to detect the presence of an infestation in rooms, attract them with their sweet lure and trap them with their sticky surface. These are easy to use and highly accurate and usually last around 2 weeks.

Bed Bug Smoke Bombs

Bed bug smoke bombs are a highly effective method of treating an entire room or area quickly and efficiently. The insecticidal fumes from the smoke bomb will be released and penetrate into all cracks and crevices where bed bugs may be hiding, killing them instantly. Make sure to follow all safety advice before using a fumer.

Bed Bug FAQs

There are several areas you can look for signs of bed bugs such as joints in bed frames, mattresses, gaps behind skirting boards and/or floor boards, gaps behind loose or torn wallpaper, gaps behind electrical fittings, cracks and crevices around bedroom furniture

Remember that young bed bugs can access hiding places no thicker than a single sheet of writing paper so thorough inspection will be necessary.

When looking for signs of bed bugs there some common indicators to be aware of. The bed bug itself, eggs or empty egg cases, blackish spots of bug excrement and blood smears.


Non-chemical measures play a significant role in the effective management of bed bug populations and should always be among the first control measures implemented.

  • Steam clean - bed bugs succumb very rapidly to excessive heat
  • Vacuum clean - as part of a good housekeeping programme for reducing dust and debris that provide hiding places for bed bugs.
  • Launder clothes, curtains and other fabrics