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  • Protector C Super kills flying and crawling insects
  • Sale! Insecto Fly & Wasp Destroyer Spray
  • bayer fly spray
  • Sale! Protector C Insect Killer Spray
  • All in one kit to control cluster flies
  • Sale! Cluster Fly Prevent Auto Dispenser
  • Sale! Prevent Auto Cluster Fly Aerosol
  • Out of stock Sale! Cluster Buster Fly Trap
  • Sale! Insecto Cluster Fly Smoke Bomb in 3 different sizes
  • ForteFog P Midi Smoke Generator
  • Insecto Insect Fogger

Showing all 11 results

Cluster Fly Sprays

We sell a range of cluster fly killer sprays that can be directly applied onto visible cluster flies for a rapid knockdown effect. We also residual sprays that can be applied to hard surfaces where cluster flies commonly congregate. This will leave behind a deadly surface layer, killing any cluster flies that encounter it. Another option is the use of a cluster fly spray within a timed release dispenser, this is great for continuous application within a area such as a loft or attic.

Cluster Fly Smoke Bombs & Fumers

Cluster flies like to congregate in their hundreds in loft spaces and other encloses areas. Our cluster fly smoke bombs will deliver rapid knockdown once it is diffused and reach all areas of the room even those small crevices. Our fumers are available to buy in different sizes depending on the size of the room and infestation you have.