Cluster Buster Fly Trap


The Cluster Buster Fly Trap incorporates a patented powder trap technology which traps cluster flies en masse in a bed of extremely low density powder known as Quicksand.

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  • Traps up to 1000 Cluster Flies
  • Lasts up to 2 years in the average home
  • Fly free windows naturally!
  • Use as a system with one trap per window

Over 1 billion micro-spheres in each trap stick to the feet and hairs, preventing the flies climbing or flying out of the trap. Completely non-toxic solution to cluster fly control. Break the entry-exit cycle of the cluster fly by installing one trap at each problem window to catch flies before they return to their harbourage.

BUY MORE AND PAY LESS select quantity from the drop down list.

How To Use

  1. The Cluster Buster adheres cleanly to the window glass on the inside just above the sill.
  2. Make sure glass is clean and dry to achieve maximum adhesion.
  3. Shake the trap horizontally and tap the bottom on a hard surface to level the powder.
  4. Attach the trap to the window using the double sided sticky strips provided.
  5. Peel back the white tape to expose the trapping aperture.
  6. No bait is needed as it relies on the fly’s natural activity to become trapped.
  7. Trapped flies release a pheromone which attracts yet more flies.
  8. For maximum effect, use one unit per problem window. Requires 10″ of glass width along the bottom edge of the window.


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