Trappit Bedbug Detector Plus


Trappit Bedbug Detector Plus is a great weapon for detecting the presence of Bedbugs, supplied as 5 traps with 5 lures.


  • With advanced bed bug pheromone lure technology
  • Using a special release profile, this trap is designed to rapidly detect in the lowest infestation situations
  • Industry-leading efficacy, trapping bed bugs at all stages of development
  • For use as a continuous monitoring solution
  • Dry-touch, no-mess glue
  • Supplied as 5 traps with 5 lures

Following the extent of the infestation they can then be managed with best practice bed bug control techniques. If no bed bugs are caught in the trap, this does not guarantee that the room is free from bed bugs.

To the untrained eye and without knowledge of insect morphology, bed bug nymphs can sometimes be misinterpreted as other insects, such as booklice.

How To Use

  1. Fold the trap as per instructions on the trap.
  2. Expose the catching surface and place the unopened lure in the centre of the trap.
  3. Ideally placed in the bedroom on the floor next to the skirting board, under the headboard of the bed. This allows for an effective and discreet monitoring of the presence of bed bugs.
  4. The trap should be kept in the room for a week.
  5. Monitor the traps for any sign of bed bug activity
  6. If you detect any bed bugs on the monitor you will need to start a bed bug treatment programme.
  7. Read how to get rid of bed bugs for advice.

Safety Data

No Safety Data Sheet required


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