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How to get rid of a wasp nest

As the warm weather approaches and we spend more time enjoying the outdoors we begin to notice an increased presence of wasps. Therefore it is important to know how to get rid of a wasp nest and which wasp killer products to use.

An increased presence of wasps in and round your home usually indicates you may have a wasp nest somewhere. Treating a wasp nest early is key to reducing the threat and stopping further nests.

If you encounter a wasp nest and need to know how to remove one safely then please read on.

Where are wasp nests usually found?

wasp nest on fence

Nests are usually found and built in sheltered spots. These often include places such as wall cavities, roof spaces, sheds, gardens etc. You can locate a nest by watching the flight path of returning wasps.

How NOT to get rid of a wasp nest

There are lot’s of advice online on the best ways to get rid of wasp nests without professional products. This is not recommended and will most likely cause you or whoever is removing the nest to get badly hurt.

Using a hose pipe or water

Using water is another common method regularly used to try and destroy a wasp nest. However, if your wasp nest is indoors using water could actually cause more damage to your property.

Also, flooding the nest will not get rid of wasps and will only make them more aggressive towards you leading to nasty stings.

Burning the nest

Using fire as a method to get rid of wasp nest is firstly dangerous and secondly ineffective.

Wasp nests are made from a thin chewed wood pulp substance, making it very flammable and therefore very dangerous in or around your home. The fire will also not kill the wasps and again will only make them more aggressive.

Using a baton / physical force

Brave people may result to using a baton like tool such as a baseball bat or even just physical force to try and destroy their wasp nest.

This is the worst method out of them all and requires you to be within close proximity of the nest, thus putting you in direct danger of getting stung and harmed.

If the nest is in the loft, you could set off a smoke bomb as an alternative to ridding the area of any flying wasps before treating the nest

wasps around wasp nest

How to get rid of a wasp nest

Now you know how not to get rid of a wasp nest, we have put together some effective steps you can follow to get rid of one safely and effectively.

Step 1 – Gear Up

Before you begin to even approach the nest ensure you wear protective clothing including a gloves and a wasp veil.

If you don’t have access to the nest entrance we recommend using a wasp nest killing spray such as the Digrain Wasp Nest Destroyer.

If you have access to the nest entrance, you might prefer to treat it with a powder formulation. Residex P or Ficam D are both very effective but you will need an applicator such as a Pest Pistol Powder Duster or a Dustick Duster.

Step 2 – Approach the nest

Approach slowly and carefully at a time when there is the least amount of activity around the nest. This is likely to be dusk or early morning.

If you approach the nest in the dark and have to use a torch, don’t shine it directly on the nest and ensure you have a planned access and escape route.

Step 3 – Use your spray or powder

Once you are in a position where you can spray the nest, take up your chosen product and thoroughly spray the entire nest all over.

If using a wasp killer powder, puff it directly inside the nest and around the entrance. This will ensure that any wasps coming back to the nest after treatment carry the product into the nest with them.

Step 4 – Review and if necessary re-apply

Once you have finished applying the product to the nest leave the area and wait to see if your treatment has been successful.

How to get rid of a wasp nest in the roof

wasp nest in roof

If you have a wasp nest in the roof or in another location which you can’t reach you will have to use a different set of products .

The Dustick Duster is a must for treating wasp nests at height or when access is difficult. Alternatively, you can use a wasp smoke bomb to also reach nests at height or in an enclosed area.

How to get rid of a wasp nest in a bush

wasp nest in bush / shrub

If you have a wasp nest in a bush you will most likely have to use a spray based product from a distance to destroy the nest.

A spray such as the Insecto Wasp Nest Destroyer is a foam solution that instantly kills wasps from a distance. Alternatively, you could also use Digrain Wasp Nest Destroyer which is proven to destroy nests.

How to get rid of a wasp nest in a loft

wasp nest in loft

Getting rid of wasp nests in lofts is difficult as they are normally in hard to reach, inacessible areas.

Similar to dealing with a wasp nest in the roof you will need a special set of products. If you can safely apply a spray onto the nest we’d recommend the Digrain Wasp Nest Destroyer.

If the nest is not directly accessible you can use the Dustick Powder Duster which will allow you to administer insecticide at height directly onto the nest thanks to the expandable pole solution.

Another way to eliminate a wasp nest in a loft is to use a Wasp Fumer. As long as the loft has no open areas a wasp bomb will fumigate the whole loft and kill wasps instantly.

How to get rid of a wasp nest in an air brick

wasp nest in air brick

Wasp nests in air brick can present a new set of challenges due the difficulty of applying product safely onto the nest.

We recommend using a wasp killing powder such as Ficam D and applying this through holes in the air brick from a distance using an applicator such as the Polminor Insect Powder Duster.

Applying a wasp powder directly onto the nest will deliver much more successful results than trying to spray from a distance.

How to prevent wasp nests

As always prevention is better than cure and when it comes to wasp nests this is more important than ever. Make sure to follow some of these simple yet effective tips to reduce the likelihood of wasps being a nuisance this Summer.

Proactively check for nests

Make sure to check your home and garden in the Summer months for wasp nests. The earlier you can spot a nest, the easier it will be remove. Check common areas such as sheds, roofs , roof voids, lofts, bushes and other places.

Remove food sources

As the Summer months draw in we begin to spend more time outside, often leaving sweet food lingering around instantly attracting wasps. Make sure to keep food areas clean and dispose of any leftovers as soon as possible. Wasps will continue to search for food in the same area if they keep successfully feeding.

wasps feeding on sweet food source

Wasp proof areas of your home

Wasps can squeeze into the smallest of cracks, holes and gaps so sealing these up can greatly reduce the chance of wasps creating nests. Failure to do so may result in nests in lofts, attics, roof voids and other difficult to reach places.

Kill visible wasps indoors

During the Summer months, wasp activity is known to be high so it’s a good idea to have a wasp killer spray to hand for tackling wasps that end up indoors. Killing these wasps will help reduce the chances of a bigger infestation developing,

Maintain and clean rubbish / waste bins

Rubbish bins indoors and outdoors are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to attracting wasps to your home. Make sure to regularly empty these bins, especially during the warmer months to avoid the build up of waste food.

if outdoor bins are causing high wasp activity, maybe consider positioning these bins further away from your property. The closer they are, the higher the chance of them entering your home.

wasp nests on outside of wheelie bin

Recommended products

We sell a range of wasp killer products including wasp killer sprays, wasp killer powders and wasp smoke bombs. Below are some of our handpicked recommendations.

Product 1: Insecto Wasp Spray

  • Sale! Insecto Wasp Spray Set of 3 Cans

Insecto Wasp Spray is a powerful and effective knockdown spray for use in a domestic situation.

Product 2: Insecto Wasp Nest Destroyer

  • Sale! Insecto Wasp Nest Destroyer Set of 3

Insecto Wasp Nest Destroyer is an insecticidal foaming spray for effectively killing wasps in the nest. A professional product which is very effective.

Product 3: Digrain Wasp Nest Destroyer

  • Digrain Wasp Nest Destroyer

Digrain Wasp Nest Destroyer is a fast acting specifically formulated product for use against wasps and hornets. This spray provides rapid and complete control and is very effective in destroying wasp nests.

Product 4: Wasp Hat Veil

  • Out of stock Beer or Wasp Hat & Veil

The Wasp Veil is a key safety product and should be used always when dealing with wasp nests. It features an integral hat and two sprung steel rings to keep wasps away from your face.

Product 5: Residex P Wasp Killer Powder

  • Residex P Carpet Moth Killer Powder

Residex P is a broad spectrum residual insecticide suitable for the control of all crawling insects and is particularly successful as a treatment for wasp nests.

Product 6: Ficam D Insecticide Powder

  • Ficam D Insecticide Powder

Ficam D is another broad spectrum insecticide, potent and highly effective against wasps, the professionals favourite.

 Product 7: Polminor Dust Bellows

  • Polminor Insect Powder Duster

The Polminor Dust Bellow is a powerful bellows duster that holds 2 litres of dust. Perfect for all insecticidal dust applications. Its powerful action allows you to apply dust to wasp nests without having to get too close.

Product 8: Dustick Duster

  • Out of stock Dustick Powder Duster

The Dustick Duster is a must for treating wasp nests at height or when access is difficult. It is a worthwhile investment if wasp nests are a recurrent problem.

Product 9: Insecto Wasp Smoke Bomb

  • Sale! Insecto Wasp Smoke Bomb in 3 different sizes

The Insecto Wasp Smoke Bomb comes into it’s own when the wasp nest is indoors in a loft or reasonably enclosed area.


Wasps are a very big problem in the Summer and can prove to be a very big nuisance for all of us who want to spend some quality time outdoors. The key to dealing with wasps is to be proactive and treat quickly. Identifying a wasp nest sooner rather than later is essential.

Browse our excellent range of wasp control products so you can deal with wasps professionally. If you need further advice on how to control wasp nests then feel free to get in touch with a member of our expert team.

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