Protecta Mouse Bait Box


Protecta Mouse Bait Box is an excellent and high quality bait station that combines the ability to use it as a discreet and safe mouse bait station together with a recess designed to hold a Trapper Mini Rex Mouse Trap.

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  • Lockable Mouse Bait Box
  • Easy to Service
  • Will also hold a Mini Rex Mouse Trap
  • Works as a Monitor, Trap and Bait Station

It features four prongs that can hold block bait it can also accept loose grain bait or grain sachets.

Multi-use Protecta Mouse is a mouse-size bait station, monitoring device and snap trap holder — all 3 in 1. It features four prongs that hold four blocks, indispensable for heavy mouse infestations.

Protecta Mouse opens on the side, like a book, making it easy to service when the bait station is flush against a wall. Mouse entry holes line up with the wall. It locks when closed and unlocks with the PROTECTA 2-prong key.

BUY MORE AND PAY LESS select quantity from the drop down list.

How To Use

  1. The Protecta mouse bait box is designed to accept mouse poison in all forms or a Trapper mini rex or Snap e mouse trap.
  2. The box comes with a key and opens from the top, inside are two compartments with prongs to accept bait blocks grain bait and the centre area is for a trap.
  3. Place the baited box in areas where there has been mouse activity. That may be in a cupboard, under a sink, behind units or on a shelf.  Mice don’t always stay on the floor they like to climb.
  4. Check the box every few days and re-bait when necessary.  If they aren’t feeding on the bait try placing the bait boxes in different locations.
  5. The box is lockable but ensure it isn’t easily accessible to children and pets.

Safety Data

The box is considered appropriate for use in sensitive areas where other animals or children have access to the bait stations.


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