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Showing all 8 results

When deciding which mouse poison to purchase you need to know whether you need to bait indoors, outdoors or both. Some baits, such as brodifacoum, can only be used indoors.

Grain baits are only available in sealed sachets, but are handy to throw into inaccessible areas, where non-target species will not encounter them.

Blocks are the bait of choice as they can be secured into bait boxes and kept safe from any non-target animals, pets and children.

As detailed above, different active ingredients have higher consumption levels before they become lethal. A lot more difenacoum needs to be placed to kill a mouse than brodifacoum, and possibly for longer.  This could affect the decision as to which one to buy.

Once a lethal dose of mouse poison has been eaten, death occurs typically within 3-5 days. A lethal dose of difenacoum is considered to be 0.4g, of bromadiolone 0.9g and of brodifacoum 0.2g. A typical mouse will eat 3g a day over many meals.

When using mouse poison in your home make sure you read the label and comply with it, any poison can be used around the house and garden safely. Of course, extra care needs to be taken to keep young children away from the baits. A lockable bait box is mandatory for all amateur users at all times.

If you have pets, exclude them from the baiting area and check for any loose pieces of bait outside of the exclusion zone (and any dead rodents) before letting them back into the room or garden.