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Alphachloralose is the only non-anticoagulant rodenticide available in Europe, it is licenced specifically for use against mouse infestations only. Alphachloralose is the first new rodenticide active ingredient in over 20 years and is less toxic to humans than many rodenticide alternatives.

Alphachloralose works not by poisoning the mouse, but as a narcotic, slowing down the metabolic rate and eventually the mouse dies of hypothermia.

Alphachloralose is only lethal to small animals like house mice. Even if children or large animals were to ingest alphachloralose, they are unlikely to be affected by body temperature changes caused by this chemical.

The label does not permit outdoor use, so there is limited ecological exposure to non-target animals. Because alphachloralose acts within a few hours and is metabolized quickly, there is low risk to predators and scavengers that may consume the affected mice.

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