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Cyphenothrin controls insects in household, public health and industrial situations. It is also used to control insects which attack wood and fabrics.

Cyphenothrin is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide with contact and stomach action. It affects the nervous system of insects causing pronounced repetitive activity and a prolongation of the transient increase in sodium permeability of nerve membranes in insects and other invertebrates. This results in continual nerve impulse transmission leading to tremors and death. This is demonstrated by the rapid knockdown action that pyrethroid compounds, e.g. cyphenothrin, have against target insects.

Cats are more susceptible to synthetic pyrethroids than dogs and cyphenothrin is particularly toxic to cats at doses that are harmless for dogs. This is associated with glucuronidase deficiency in cats, the enzyme responsible for breaking down most synthetic pyrethroids in the organism in a process called glucuronidation. As a consequence, synthetic pyrethroids remain much longer in the cat’s organism than in dogs or other mammals.

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