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  • Controls Fleas
  • Active on Adults Fleas, Larvae and Eggs
  • Pressurised Hand-Held Aerosol

Indorex Flea Control Spray 500 ml is an insecticide which effectively and quickly kills adult fleas present in a pets environment. It also contains a long acting insect growth regulator that prevents flea eggs and larvae from developing into adults. This breaks the flea life cycle and provides a continuous protection for up to 12 months. Also effective for dust mites.

Do not apply directly to animals. Read all precautions before use

Hints & Tips

Remove pets but ensure pets bedding is treated. Remove birds and fish aquaria.

Use Indorex spray by spraying directly on and if possible under carpets and rugs, blankets, tiles, skirting boards, paying particular attention to cracks and crevices. Ventilate the room after use.

Safety Data

Indorex Safety Data Sheet


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