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Mousestop Rodent Proofing Paste


  • Top Selling Product
  • Animal and Environmentally Friendly
  • Stop Rodent Entry to your House

Mousestop Rodent Proofing Paste is an animal friendly non-toxic, hard setting paste that is waterproof and able to be painted over. Perfect for sealing those small cracks that mice can access or gaps around pipes.

Once applied, the barrier is immediately active. The outer surface will harden smoothly but the inside remains soft. When rodents breach the hardened surface its soft inner core immediately deters them.

MouseStop is composed of natural oils, fibers and fillers. MouseStop contains no pesticides or biocides making it a durable and environmentally friendly product. A standard skeleton gun is required to apply mousestop.

MouseStop is instantly waterproof, a very important feature, the product cannot dissolve or soften when it comes in contact with water as the product would lose its effectiveness.
When used in hygiene sensitive areas it is very important that the surface area can be cleaned with detergents without this effecting the product.

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MouseStop proofing paste can be used for sealing off:

– cracks, crevices and seams in facade cladding and masonry

– joints and gaps, irrespective of the width and depth (back-filling paste)

– recesses and holes where steel, cast iron and PVC piping is present.

– voids between sewers and masonry

Facts & Tips

Application surface must be dry and clean. A smooth surface can be obtained by using a wet palette knife.

Do not use MouseStop near heat sources such as heating pipes or in the presence of open flames.

MouseStop is not a fire retardant product

Safety Data

Contains vegetable oils, fillers and polystyrene pearls.

Mousestop Safety Data Sheet


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