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How to get rid of of Moles

Moles are rarely seen as these mammals live mostly underground. They dig out a system of tunnels and chambers, and dispose of the excavated soil by throwing up molehills.

Moles cause a lot of damage to agriculture and soil from molehills can be a potential source of disease for livestock.

The information below will explain how to get rid of moles and answer any other questions about moles you may have.

What are moles?

Moles are burrowing insectivores that live in the ground and can grow to be 6 to 8 inches long. They prefer to eat insects instead of your garden plants and they must eat around half their body weight a day to survive.

mole emerging from ground

Are moles blind?

Moles are not blind rodents, they can see shapes, lights and some movement. Their eyes have a thin layer of skin, designed to prevent dirt getting in them.

Signs of moles in your garden

It should be relatively noticeable if you have moles in your garden due to the ‘volcano’ like dirt moulds they create when entering and exiting the ground. Other signs of a mole infestation include:

  • Raised ridges
  • Areas of dead grass
  • Areas of your lawn feeling ‘squishy’
several mole hills in lawn

How to get rid of moles in garden

The best way to get rid of moles in a garden is to use spring traps such as the Easy Set Beagle Mole Trap, Duffus Style Mole Trap or the Talpex Style Mole Trap

These are very easy to setup and very effective at trapping moles. Once you identify the run you simply place them and await the results.

How to trap a mole

We suggest trapping a mole using a spring trap such as the Easy Set Beagle Mole Trap. However, all spring traps work in a similar way so the following steps can be applied.

Locate run

Locate the run by selecting two fresh mole hills between 1m and 3m apart.

Insert probe

Push a probe into the ground, prodding at 3-5cm intervals in a straight line, perpendicular to the line joining the two mole hills and 50cm from one of the mole hills. You will know when you hit a run as the probe will ‘give’ suddenly.

Dig Turf

Using a spade dig out a section of turf, making sure the hole is aligned with the run.

Clear loose earth

Using a trowel clear any loose earth from the run and tamp down the base with a tamper.

Arm spring trap

Arm the trap, being careful to keep you fingers well away from the killing area.

Place trap

Place the trap in the hole and carefully cover the area around with the removed turf.  You must ensure there is no light entering the tunnel.

Check trap

Await success but make sure any gaps around the trap remain sealed. Check the trap every 24 hours.

How deep are mole runways?

Typically, mole runways are 12 – 18 inches underground.

Do moles hibernate?

Many people assume moles hibernate over winter and are less active during this period, however this is not true.

Their main tunnels and nesting burrows are deep underground below the frost line which allows them to stay active during the colder months.

How to deter moles

There are no proven methods to deter moles and even though people share many theories, none can guarantee results.

However there are some things you can do such as…

  • Watering your lawn less – This helps to keep the soil dry and reduces the chance of worms and other insects moles feed on
  • Border your garden with daffodils and alliums – These plants can have success in deterring moles
  • Professional mole control products – We always recommend using professional products where possible as we know these work better than other methods.
common mole in soil

Are moles dangerous?

Moles are not dangerous to people.

However, they are dangerous to lawns and landscapes as they can cause significant damage to grass roots and plants as they dig for food.

Difference between moles and gophers

Moles and gophers are often confused however there are some clear physical differences in each.

Length6-8 inch12inch
Eyes?Yes (very small)Yes
DietMainly insectsPlants & vegetables
HolesCone shapedCrescent shaped

Difference between moles and voles

Moles and voles are often confused however there are some clear physical differences in each.

Looks like they have no ears or eyesEyes and ears more visible
Eats mainly insectsEats mainly plants
Leaves mounds of dirt behindBurrows underground
Destructive to gardensCan damage tree / shrub roots

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