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Showing all 10 results

Types of Mouse Traps

Break Back Mouse Traps

Break back mouse traps are one of the most effective and powerful types of mouse traps we sell. They are designed to kill mice instantly once caught and are very easy to set. When setting up these traps you need to ensure they look as natural in the environment as possible for best results. If you successfully catch a mouse then other mice may be more cautious of their surroundings. However mice are known to be a lot less intelligent than rats so repeat trapping within a short time frame should be just as successfull if done correctly.

Electronic Mouse Traps

Electronic mouse traps are the more modern and newer type of trap that we sell but are preferred by a lot of customers due to their cleaner and lower suffering that the mouse has to endure. Electronic traps are just as effective as other types of mouse traps but don’t rely on them to deal with an entire colony, they are best used to deal with the occasional intruder. As with all mouse traps we recommend using some type of lure or attractant to encourage the mice to enter the trap.

Live Capture Mouse Traps

Live capture mouse traps are a humane alternative to traditional mouse traps and are perfect for customers who are more sensitive to killing mice or causing them any harm. You should find that mice are fairly obliging to enter live capture traps but will still encourage you to use some type of lure or attractant (peanut butter will do) to persuade them in. When using live capture traps make sure to check them often and when one has been caught ensure to release it at a good distance from your property to avoid repeat intruders.

Why We Don’t Sell Mouse Glue Traps

There are many companies that choose to sell mouse glue traps as they are a very cheap alternative to others on the market and some people want the cheapest product regardless of the suffering it may cause. We choose not to sell mouse glue traps as we don’t believe there is justification for such an inhumane method of killing mice. They cause the rodent considerable stress and suffering over a period of time and we prefer to sell products that achieve the outcome cleaner and quicker.