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Showing all 4 results

All bait boxes keep bait secure and safe from non-target species. They are all lockable. All can be used with rodenticide in grain or block form, and all will take a conventional trap. Choice is based on

  • aesthetics
  • which rat trap, if any, you want to use
  • where you need to place the bait box

When you purchase a rat bait box you will receive a key, free of charge. To open the bait box you need to insert the key and twist it to release the latch. If you need a spare / replacement key,  please get in touch with us.

Baiting your rat bait station will depend on the one purchased, however, most operate in a similar way. Once you have unlocked the box you will notice vertical or horizontal rods. These are used to secure block type bait or pasta bait if you are using that formulation.

Blocks have a pre-formed hole through the centre, pasta bait is squishy enough to skewer onto the rods. Once the bait is secured close the lid and use the key to lock the box. Loose grain bait can also be placed in these boxes,  as can a spring trap, depending on the box you have chosen.