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  • Non toxic trap
  • With sexual pheromone
  • Two traps per box

Insecto Clothes Moth Trap is a highly effective non-toxic moth trap with sexual pheromones for the detection and the prevention of clothes moths in carpets, curtains, clothing and all wool fabrics. The trap is supplied as a pair and comes with full instructions.

Clothes moth larvae feed on keratin in wool, feathers, fur, hair etc. They are especially damaging to fabric stained with beverages, urine, oil from hair and sweat. This trap will lure the male clothes moths. An early detection will allow you to remove or immediately treat the attacked material.

Facts & Tips

Remove the covering strip from the adhesive surface. Fold as shown on the packaging diagram and place the traps in the neighbourhood of the objects to be protected. The best result is obtained by placing the trap on the ground.

Check the trap once a week and replace every 2 months. 1 trap per drawer or per room.

Safety Data

Keep out of reach of children


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