Barn and Stable Sticky Fly Catcher


Aeroxon Barn and Stable Sticky Fly Catcher will lure and catch more than 10,000 flies each.


  • Kill flies naturally
  • Use in barns, stables and kennels
  • Pesticide free
  • Effective against insecticide resistant flies.
  • Comes as a pack of two.

Kills flies naturally, is pesticide free and odourless, a great product for barns, stables, kennels or anywhere you want to control flies without using a pesticide.

How To Use

  1. Take cords and fly catchers out of the box and remove rubber bands.
  2. Tie the cords through the grommet ends.
  3. Fix two 3″ nails about 3 metres apart. Tie one end of the cord to a nail and carefully unroll the fly catcher.
  4. Should glue threads hang down, flip fly cather over to trap them.
  5. Warm catcher in your hands before unrolling if temperature is below 70F, or place in warm room.
  6. Do not hang in direct sunlight, draughts or in bird flight paths such as doorways.
  7. When fully extended, tie the loose end to the second nail.
  8. The fly catcher should hang horizontally.
  9. Always read manufacturer instructions before use.

Safety Data


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