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  • Produced from Fossilised Diatoms
  • Non-Toxic
  • Handy Puffer Dispenser

Oa2ki Organic Insect Powder 400g is a high quality diatomaceous earth, comprising of the fossilised shells of diatoms. The microscopic sharp edges of these shells cut into the insect's cuticle and absorb the body moisture, resulting in dehydration and death.

Oa2ki Diatomaceous Powder is proving to be an invaluable tool in the enlightened professional's armoury as, unlike synthetic poisons, insects cannot build up a resistance to it.

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Facts & Tips

Apply dust as required to areas where insects live or frequent. Apply only to dry areas and cracks and crevices.

Can also be applied directly to cats and dogs to control fleas. Can be added to cages of domestic birds as a bird bath

Safety Data

Oa2ki Insect Powder Safety Data Sheet


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